When tragedy enters your life, turn to the CSI expert team to safely and effectively restore
peace of mind. We clean life’s trauma with compassion and integrity.

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CSI is local and family owned and operated. Families serving families. We bring over a decade of
experience and professionalism to the cleaning and service industry. CSI is licensed, insured, and
bonded as well as certified by the IICRC for biohazard, trauma, and crime scene clean up. We are known
and recognized for providing the highest level of professionalism in everything that we do. When it
comes to specialty cleaning, it must be done right to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone
involved. CSI follows strict guidelines and delivers a clean home or workspace while protecting its
clients during the emotional process.


Trauma/Crime Scene Cleanup

Death/Suicide Cleanup

Unattended Death Cleanup

Animal decomposition/Odor Cleanup

Hoarding Cleanup

Vehicle Incidents

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning and Sanitizing

Replacement/Remodel of building materials after removal

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We demand that each and every job is safely cleaned and disinfected while following all State and
Federal Standards according to the ANSI S540. Delivering discreet and compassionate service to
ensure your privacy is our passion. With our multi-step process, CSI will carefully and successfully
assess each location, remove all contaminated materials for proper disposal, set up containment to
avoid cross contamination, and sanitize and disinfect multiple times before completion. For your
safety, we finish each job with an ATP test (Adenosine Triphosphate) which ensures the full removal
of all organic matter and blood borne pathogens in your home, vehicle, or place of work; giving you
peace of mind when it’s needed most. To make your life easier, we will even handle and oversee
the replacement of all necessary building materials such as carpet and drywall to ensure simplicity
and satisfaction.


Funeral Homes

Police and Fire Department

Nursing Homes

Government Agencies

Insurance Companies

Individual Homeowners



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    We can replace subfloor, flooring, drywall, paint, etc.

    Hoarding is a mindset. And like other severe mindsets, it can manifest itself in unexpected ways, leaving potentially hazardous and troublesome material. CSI understands this, and can work with you to effectively, but sensitively, to address problem situations.

    Death or suicide within one’s home is about as shocking an event as possible. At CSI we know that dealing with such an occurrence, the intricacies of cleaning and disinfecting the home are as far from your mind as can be. Allow us to carry the burden of cleaning, decontaminating, disinfecting, deodorizing, and ultimately returning the home to its original state of cleanliness during your time of pain.

    Only an expert that provides coronavirus cleaning services can determine how to appropriately clean and disinfect surfaces throughout your property. CSI cleaning experts are the front line of infection prevention and surface disinfection while using hospital-grade, professional cleaning services specific to COVID-19.

    Just as with the death of a human being, in an unattended animal death biological material, blood, and bodily fluids can transmit hazards and contaminate materials. CSI will discreetly and safely clean, disinfect, and dispose of biohazardous materials.

    Crime or accident scenes may involve bloodborne pathogens, harmful chemicals, and other dangers. CSI, using OSHA and EPA protocols, will transform an unsafe environment back into a clean, safe home or

    In the aftermath of serious vehicular accidents, professional clean up services may often be required. CSI is prepared to deal with blood and body fluids that may be present on nearby surfaces; victim remains that may be found at the accident scene or surrounding area; chemical residue that must often be removed from the location.

    During a particularly difficult time for you and your family, CSI will carry the burden of cleaning, decontaminating, disinfecting, deodorizing, and ultimately returning the home to its original state of cleanliness.

    Biohazards include any compound or chemical that poses a significant healthrisk. In the aftermath of a violent crime, accident, or unattended death, biological material, blood, and bodily fluids can transmit hazards andcontaminate materials. CSI will discreetly and safely clean, disinfect, anddispose of biohazardous materials.